Dholera SIR: A Look at India’s First Greenfield Smart City and Its Investment Potential


  • Ground-breaking Infrastructure: Dholera boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a planned international airport, smart energy grids, and a robust transportation network. This translates to a high quality of life and a thriving business environment.
  • Strategic Location: Situated strategically within the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Dholera offers excellent connectivity to major industrial hubs, making it an ideal location for businesses and industries.
  • Government Backing: Dholera is a flagship project of the Government of Gujarat, ensuring sustained development and infrastructure upgrades. This government support fosters investor confidence.
  • Planned Development: Unlike existing cities, Dholera is meticulously planned, ensuring optimal use of resources, well-defined zoning, and a sustainable living environment.
  • Investment Potential: In its early stages of development, Dholera offers real estate at competitive rates. As the city matures, property values are expected to soar, offering high returns on investment.

Dholera SIR presents a plethora of opportunities across various sectors:

  • Manufacturing: The city is envisioned as a global manufacturing hub, attracting businesses in pharmaceuticals, textiles, electronics, and more.
  • Information Technology: With its focus on smart technologies, Dholera can become a hub for IT companies and IT-enabled services.
  • Logistics: The strategic location and robust infrastructure make Dholera ideal for logistics companies and warehousing facilities.
  • Education and Healthcare: The city plans to establish world-class educational institutions and healthcare facilities, creating new opportunities.

2. The Next 5-10 Years in Dholera:

Looking ahead, Dholera is poised for significant growth:

  • Population Boom: As companies and industries set up base, Dholera will witness a population influx, driving demand for residential and commercial real estate.
  • Appreciation in Property Values: With growing demand and limited supply, property values in Dholera are expected to see a significant rise.
  • Smart City Transformation: Dholera will transform into a model smart city, showcasing sustainable practices, efficient resource management, and a high quality of life.


Dholera SIR is a visionary project that presents a unique opportunity for investors and businesses. With its focus on sustainability, Smart technologies, and planned development, Dholera is on track to become a thriving metropolis.  Investing in Dholera’s real estate now can offer significant returns in the years to come.

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